Details in the Fabric

Details in the Fabric - 7x bedsheet-like recolors of Fairywitch's Medina curtains
Download (Mirror Download)
mesh NOT included – download here

My first curtains! These patterns made me think of bedsheets, so I decided to do sort of a ‘bedsheet hung up as a curtain’ theme. I’m not the only one who grew up with cheesily-designed sheets on their bed, right? Okay, good. ;) So here are 7 bedsheet-like curtains, a little rumpled. Also included are three recolors for the curtain rods in three different rusty metal colors. The mesh for the curtains can be downloaded at Fairywitch’s Sims. There are one, two, and three-tile curtains, and diagonals also.

Example using curtain #1
Example using curtain #5
In-game preview/reference chart of all the curtain and rod recolors

Mesh included? No. Download here.
Compatibility Base game (no EPs or SPs needed)
Poly count 1318
Found under Decorative > Curtains

Care Bear Bumping

Care Bear Bumping - 22x recolors of the SLAK endtable and coffee table
Download (Mirror Download)

A bright and grungy set of recolors for Fairy Forest’s SLAK end table and coffee table. There were lovely bright colors and some lovely grunged up recolors, but not both in one! I can’t really take any credit for this, though. All I did was slap the grungy textures from the SLAK set onto a bunch of colors from the recolor sets already in existence. I did this mostly for my own use but thought I would share as well, as I’m sure I’m not the only one that enjoys a bit of bright, neon grunge now and again. :)

End table preview
Coffee table preview
In-game preview/reference chart of all the end table recolors
In-game preview/reference chart of all the coffee table recolors

Mesh included? Yes.
Compatibility Base game (no EPs or SPs needed)
Poly count 70 for each table
Found under Surfaces > Coffee tables, Surfaces > End tables

City Seventeen

I wanted to make a post to advertise my Sims journal on Livejournal, City Seventeen. It’s mostly sort of just a random dumping ground for Sims stuff, like Sims picture spam and whatnot. I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a legacy (well, I already started playing and screencapping it, I just haven’t put any of it together yet!), so if I do, I will be posting it there. I’ll probably also be spamming it now and again with pictures of my forays into decorating, because I’m wicked addicted to that. So if that sort of stuff is interesting to you, then feel free to friend it.

The other useful thing about City Seventeen is I created a Centralized Download List in the first entry there. I post stuff to Garden of Shadows that never gets posted here, like items for the theme months (which are so much fun!), or in the case of my latest Half-Life 2 objects, I just got too lazy to make two posts, both there and here. In any case, everything I make and post, no matter where it is, will be listed on that page. So if you don’t care to hear my ramblings or anything else, you can just bookmark that page and it will be updated routinely. :)

Without the Sour

Without the Sour - 2x paintings with 6x recolors each
Download (Mirror Download)

I love tiny, tiny paintings in life, which is why it’s always been a bit disappointing to me that there are virtually no small paintings for the sims. Soo, I made some! These paintings are extracted from the sculpture deco from Freetime, which is a bunch of canvases leaning against each other:

I isolated the smallest canvas, flipped it around, and made it into an actual wallhanging. And actually, I shrunk the size a bit more from the original. Like I said, I like ‘em small! I kept the same texture for the back of the canvas, and then recolored the fronts and sides. Then I rotated it 90 degrees to make a duplicate painting that is just wider than it is tall. Although it was taken from a Freetime item, the wallhanging is actually base game compatible, so Freetime is not necessary.

Tall painting mesh + recolors
Wide painting mesh + recolors
In-game shot from an angle to show the sides*

*The painting leaning on the table was achieved by using SilentLucidity’s amazing OMSP set. Cheats used for the preview image also include “boolprop snapobjectstogrid false” and “moveobjects on”. If you have Apartment Life, they are shiftable up and down, as seen in the previews.

Mesh included? Yes.
Compatibility Base game (no EPs or SPs needed)
Poly count 184 for each painting
Found under Decorative > Wallhangings

Seven Cities Ago

Seven Cities Ago - 26 alleyway clutter objects from Half-Life 2
Download (Mirror Download)

Time for the next round of objects extracted from Half-Life 2. These ones are sort of themed, but sort of not. There’s a bunch of alleyway-type junk; dumpsters, old mattresses, milk crates. There are also some cluttery things like binders and bicycles.

Included in this set is:
- 2 globes (1 large globe for the floor, 1 small globe for surfaces)
- loads of binders (3 meshes – 1 grouping, 1 single upright +10 recolors, 1 single tipped over +10 recolors)
- briefcase
- 2 mattresses (1 mesh flat +bloody recolor, 1 mesh leaning +bloody recolor)
- 6 dumpsters
- recycling bin
- 2 empty drawers (1 wide, 1 narrow)
- 2 meat grinders (1 for tables, 1 for surfaces)
- milkcrate +4 recolors
- parts bin
- 2 bicycles (1 upright +2 recolors, 1 tipped over +2 recolors)
- rusty sawblade
- 2 broken tv monitors (1 with a broken screen, 1 with no screen at all) (wallhangings)
- traffic cone

- Sometimes the textures that come attached to the objects aren’t the best (rather low quality). Sometimes I do improvements on the textures, or in some cases, replace them completely. Items with new textures not from HL2 are the globes, the mattresses, and the traffic cone. Most textures from The globe image itself is from an old map.

- The table-height meat grinder MUST be placed with cheats on; you’ll need to use “moveobjects on” and “boolprop snapobjectstogrid false” to fit it to position. The meat grinder is exact dining table height, but it doesn’t look good on all tables, as some tables have a lot of fancy things on the edges, which causes clipping. It looks best on tables with simple edges.

- I meant to just make a dirty, gross mattress recolor but the texture I put on ended up looking a lot like blood. I actually like the effect, but sorry for the gore if it’s not your thing. On the reference charts linked below you can see what those files are called, if you want to delete the bloody recolor. Also, the mattresses are only decoration, and can’t be used as beds. (Or seating, incidentally. Sim above placed using an OMSP.)

In-game example 1
In-game example 2

Reference charts:
Ref 1
Ref 2
Ref 3
Ref 4

Everything is compressorized! Enjoy!

Mesh included? Yes
Compatibility Base game
Poly count antiqueglobe_floor 410, antiqueglobe_surfaces 410, binder_group 100, binder_tipped 20, binder_upright 20, briefcase 236, dirtyoldmattress_1 452, dirtyoldmattress_2 452, dumpster_1 262, dumpster_2 534, dumpster_3 1044, dumpster_4 1044, dumpster_5 1044, dumpster_6 1044, emptydrawer_1 46, emptydrawer_2 46, meatgrinder_tableheight 594, meatgrinder_tipped 594, milkcrate_102, partsbin 284, recyclingbin 496, rustybicycle 1239, rustybicycle_tipped 1239, rustysawblade 752, tvmonitor_1 328, tvmonitor_2 328, trafficcone 114
Found under Decoration > Sculpture; Decoration > Wall Hangings;