Vintagely Constructed

Vintagely Constructed - 80 walls extracted from Half-Life 2
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Here are 80 walls made with awesome textures extracted from the game Half-Life 2. The whole look of HL2 is very run-down, grungy, and decrepit, and so all these walls are in that style. These walls are mostly just extracted straight out of the game, although I made some edits here and there. Also some needed help tiling better. Included in this set are walls in the paint, brick, wallpaper, poured, masonry, paneling and siding categories. Included in the zip are image charts showing you which walls correspond to which numbered files, if you want to delete any you don’t like or whatever. (You can also see the charts below.) Most of the walls are standalone, but there are a few which have two walls that can be mixed up and tiled together for a bit more variety. Walls that can be put together are numbered sequentially, and you can see them placed next to each other on the charts.

Which walls are which type:
1-14 paint
15-23 brick
24-27 wallpaper
28-35 poured
36-46 masonry
47-58 paneling
59-79 siding
80 a paint I forgot, oops

These walls have already been compressorized. :)

Screencaps (just a few in-game examples):
Wall #6
Wall #25
Walls #49 and #50

Reference charts:
Walls #1-25
Walls #26-50
Walls #51-80