Care Bear Bumping

Care Bear Bumping - 22x recolors of the SLAK endtable and coffee table
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A bright and grungy set of recolors for Fairy Forest’s SLAK end table and coffee table. There were lovely bright colors and some lovely grunged up recolors, but not both in one! I can’t really take any credit for this, though. All I did was slap the grungy textures from the SLAK set onto a bunch of colors from the recolor sets already in existence. I did this mostly for my own use but thought I would share as well, as I’m sure I’m not the only one that enjoys a bit of bright, neon grunge now and again. :)

End table preview
Coffee table preview
In-game preview/reference chart of all the end table recolors
In-game preview/reference chart of all the coffee table recolors

Mesh included? Yes.
Compatibility Base game (no EPs or SPs needed)
Poly count 70 for each table
Found under Surfaces > Coffee tables, Surfaces > End tables

You Are Weathered & Worn

You Are Weathered & Worn - 2x shelves and 2x benches from Half-Life 2
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Here are four objects extracted from the game Half-Life 2. There are two shelves and two different styles of benches for your sims to enjoy. One bench is a park bench style, and the other is a cafeteria style bench. The shelves are almost the same, except one shelf has a second, lower broken shelf that is hanging down the floor.

I have never made usable objects before and I ended up having to fiddle with the meshes quite a bit. I also gave everything new textures as the ones that came with Half-Life 2 were kind of low res. Please let me know if anything is seriously borky with the objects, though they all work okay in my game. There are no EPs required for the benches, but AL is required for the shelves (they are cloned from the KnockOnWood shelf). All the objects have two colors, a blue-ish wood and a yellow-ish wood. Everything’s been compressorized. Enjoy! :)

Grungy Bench 1
Grungy Bench 2
Worn Bench 1
Worn Bench 2
Shelves 1
Shelves 2

Mesh included? Yes.
Compatibility Benches – base game; Shelves – Apartment Life
Poly count Park style bench – 288, cafeteria style bench – 130, single shelf – 228, shelf with broken shelf – 456
Found under Benches: Comfort > Sofa; Shelves: Surfaces > Shelves