Terms of Use

I am pretty open about my custom content. There are only a few terms you agree to by downloading any of my stuff:

1. My stuff is free to download at will, modify, recolor, and what have you. You can include my stuff in house downloads, and you can include my meshes along with your recolors. You can reuse textures for other stuff.

2. My stuff is NOT to be uploaded to any place that will CHARGE MONEY for it. My stuff is NOT to be uploaded to any places that CHARGES MONEY for ANYTHING. THIS INCLUDES TSR. I do not believe in paysites (please see Money Better Spent). Do not upload recolors to paysites even if you don’t include the mesh. Do not associate anything I make with a paysite. Rawr!

3. I’d love credit if you do any of #1. It’d be even awesomer if you emailed me to let me know what you did and point me to where I can take a look. It’s not required but it’d be really cool and would make my day!

That’s it! Thanks so much for reading this and for following my terms and policies. :)