Seven Cities Ago

Seven Cities Ago - 26 alleyway clutter objects from Half-Life 2
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Time for the next round of objects extracted from Half-Life 2. These ones are sort of themed, but sort of not. There’s a bunch of alleyway-type junk; dumpsters, old mattresses, milk crates. There are also some cluttery things like binders and bicycles.

Included in this set is:
- 2 globes (1 large globe for the floor, 1 small globe for surfaces)
- loads of binders (3 meshes – 1 grouping, 1 single upright +10 recolors, 1 single tipped over +10 recolors)
- briefcase
- 2 mattresses (1 mesh flat +bloody recolor, 1 mesh leaning +bloody recolor)
- 6 dumpsters
- recycling bin
- 2 empty drawers (1 wide, 1 narrow)
- 2 meat grinders (1 for tables, 1 for surfaces)
- milkcrate +4 recolors
- parts bin
- 2 bicycles (1 upright +2 recolors, 1 tipped over +2 recolors)
- rusty sawblade
- 2 broken tv monitors (1 with a broken screen, 1 with no screen at all) (wallhangings)
- traffic cone

- Sometimes the textures that come attached to the objects aren’t the best (rather low quality). Sometimes I do improvements on the textures, or in some cases, replace them completely. Items with new textures not from HL2 are the globes, the mattresses, and the traffic cone. Most textures from The globe image itself is from an old map.

- The table-height meat grinder MUST be placed with cheats on; you’ll need to use “moveobjects on” and “boolprop snapobjectstogrid false” to fit it to position. The meat grinder is exact dining table height, but it doesn’t look good on all tables, as some tables have a lot of fancy things on the edges, which causes clipping. It looks best on tables with simple edges.

- I meant to just make a dirty, gross mattress recolor but the texture I put on ended up looking a lot like blood. I actually like the effect, but sorry for the gore if it’s not your thing. On the reference charts linked below you can see what those files are called, if you want to delete the bloody recolor. Also, the mattresses are only decoration, and can’t be used as beds. (Or seating, incidentally. Sim above placed using an OMSP.)

In-game example 1
In-game example 2

Reference charts:
Ref 1
Ref 2
Ref 3
Ref 4

Everything is compressorized! Enjoy!

Mesh included? Yes
Compatibility Base game
Poly count antiqueglobe_floor 410, antiqueglobe_surfaces 410, binder_group 100, binder_tipped 20, binder_upright 20, briefcase 236, dirtyoldmattress_1 452, dirtyoldmattress_2 452, dumpster_1 262, dumpster_2 534, dumpster_3 1044, dumpster_4 1044, dumpster_5 1044, dumpster_6 1044, emptydrawer_1 46, emptydrawer_2 46, meatgrinder_tableheight 594, meatgrinder_tipped 594, milkcrate_102, partsbin 284, recyclingbin 496, rustybicycle 1239, rustybicycle_tipped 1239, rustysawblade 752, tvmonitor_1 328, tvmonitor_2 328, trafficcone 114
Found under Decoration > Sculpture; Decoration > Wall Hangings;

Broken World

Broken World - 36 new industrial clutter/deco objects from Half-Life 2
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This set of items started out small, and then I just kept adding in extra bits until it ended up huuuge. :O Here are 36 new items extracted from Half-Life 2. I put these in a set together as they all made me think of industrial junk, and broken-down warehouses, and similar fun stuff.

In this set are:
- 4 single storey columns
- 9 different kinds/sets of metal pipes
- 2 wall trusses (Apartment Life not required; they are under wall deco)
- 8 bits of wall deco (in the form of buttons, boxes, switches, knobs, wires, and speakers)
- 7 deco objects (in the form of sections of concrete pipes and metal rebar coming through the floor)
- 6 deco objects & wall deco of power boxes/meters/transformers/etc

The objects are all shown in the reference charts linked below (images also included in the zips). There are 9 objects in the set with what I would consider to be high poly counts (over 1000, but nothing over 2000). The rest are under 1000 (many well below that). There is a txt file in the zip with the full polycounts listed for each item.

As usual, everything is compressorized. :}

In-game example 1
In-game example 2
Object reference chart 1
Object reference chart 2
Object reference chart 3

Mesh included? Yes
Compatibility Base game
Poly count Most under 1000, a few above 1000 (but under 2000). See included .txt file for all polycounts
Found under Decoration > Sculpture; Decoration > Wall Hangings; Build Mode > Other > Columns

Where We Went Wrong

Where We Went Wrong - 40 recolors of Aikea's Half Height Wall Writing Mesh using Half-Life 2 Textures
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Everyone likes more old, grungy junk for their walls, right? This was something I was making mostly for myself, but then Aikea came out with the awesome half-height wall mesh that is shiftable up-and-down (as long as you have Apartment Life) and I kind of went crazy and figured I might as well share. Pretty simply, it’s 40 recolors of the wall mesh using textures from Half-Life 2, which includes destructed areas for walls, a number of warning signs, and a handful of posters (and one spray painted symbol). Included in the rar (and also linked below) are some reference images for all recolors, that way you can delete any you don’t want. Once again, everything’s already been compressorized.

Oh, and the mesh is NOT included – get it here.

Example cap
Ref sheet 1, wall damage
Ref sheet 2, warning signs
Ref sheet 3, posters

Mesh included? No – get it here
Compatibility Base game, but if you have apartment life they are shiftable!
Poly count 2
Found under Decoration > Wall Hangings

You Are Weathered & Worn

You Are Weathered & Worn - 2x shelves and 2x benches from Half-Life 2
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Here are four objects extracted from the game Half-Life 2. There are two shelves and two different styles of benches for your sims to enjoy. One bench is a park bench style, and the other is a cafeteria style bench. The shelves are almost the same, except one shelf has a second, lower broken shelf that is hanging down the floor.

I have never made usable objects before and I ended up having to fiddle with the meshes quite a bit. I also gave everything new textures as the ones that came with Half-Life 2 were kind of low res. Please let me know if anything is seriously borky with the objects, though they all work okay in my game. There are no EPs required for the benches, but AL is required for the shelves (they are cloned from the KnockOnWood shelf). All the objects have two colors, a blue-ish wood and a yellow-ish wood. Everything’s been compressorized. Enjoy! :)

Grungy Bench 1
Grungy Bench 2
Worn Bench 1
Worn Bench 2
Shelves 1
Shelves 2

Mesh included? Yes.
Compatibility Benches – base game; Shelves – Apartment Life
Poly count Park style bench – 288, cafeteria style bench – 130, single shelf – 228, shelf with broken shelf – 456
Found under Benches: Comfort > Sofa; Shelves: Surfaces > Shelves

Shifting Pieces

Shifting Pieces - 27 floors from Half-Life 2
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More Half-Life 2 stuff! Here is a batch of floors, all dirty and grungy. Most of the floors are standalone, but there are two sets of tile floors that go together. Included in the zip (and linked below) is a handy chart showing you which numbered files correspond to which floor, so you can pick which ones you want if you don’t want to install all of them. (Concrete is the same as poured, btw.) There are 13 tile floors (tiles 11-13 are actually metal flooring, but I figured tile was the best fitting category), 10 poured floors, and 4 linoleum floors (which are two sets of mix and match floors).

The floors have been compressorized! :D

Tile 07
Linoleum 04
Poured 03
Poured 05

reference chart BTW I messed up the numbers on the reference chart, sorry! D: I skipped the number 10 in the tiles. There isn’t a missing tile, just tile 11 = 10, tile 12 = 11, tile 13 = 12, and tile 14 = 13, because there are only 13 tiles.